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Generic Name: Vardenafil

Color & Shape : Orange & Round

Outsource from: Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals

Origin From: Europe

Eligible to ship worldwide: Yes

Minimum order: 5 pills for 20Mg and 10pills for 30Mg

Packages: Brown discreet Pack

Shipping Days: 14 – 21 Working days  ( Approximate )



Levitra is an erectile dysfunction medication that helps a person to treat impotency properly. The medication works by increasing the flow of blood to the penile region thus ensuring that a person gets and maintains a firmer erection. This drug should be taken orally through the mouth. After Levitra is taken it would work within fifteen minutes of time.

This drug is taken alone and not in combination with other medications. You can get generic Levitra medication instead of the brand ones as it is relatively cheap compared to the latter. This makes people buy Levitra online from a reputed Levitra online pharmacy.

What is the use of Levitra?

You should know that Levitra pills are used in treating impotence in men. When this medication is administrated orally, it would start to get absorbed in the body. However, it would start to work only when you are sexually aroused.

The effects of the medication would be present in the body for a period of two to three hours of time. Each person would need a different drug dose for the course of therapy.

The Levitra medication can treat a person with a medical condition that ranges from moderate to severe. Even the older individuals can pop up the drug and they can get the needed effectiveness in the body.

Since there is a presence of the effectiveness of the medication in the body for a longer span the person can be stress-free and can indulge in the sexual activity within that period.

You can get Levitra pills in different dosage strengths and different forms. It can be tablets, capsules, or sublingual tablets. Your physician will decide which form of the medication that you need to take in order to get rid of impotency condition. Each form has to be taken in it’s a unique way. From Yourlevitra.com it is possible for you to buy Levitra 10mg and 20mg without a prescription. From this online pharmacy, you can get all variants of Levitra pills at an affordable price. So you can ensure that you can buy cheap Levitra easily.

How does Levitra work?

Levitra works after you are sexually aroused only. The nitric oxide would get naturally released in the body. This is very much important for the active ingredient Vardenafil to start its work.

Firstly the muscles that are present around the genital area would get relaxed. When it is relaxed there will be an increased flow of blood to it. The sudden pressure that is created in the penile region would make an erection that is firm enough to perform a sexual activity.

The continuous presence of the blood flow would be present so that you would be able to maintain the erection throughout the sexual activity. The erection would fade away only after you reach an orgasm.

The chance of abusing the medication is high. Even those people who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction are consuming this medication. They believe that taking the pills can help them to increase their sexual performance.

Buy Levitra Online

You can get many benefits from buying Levitra online. You can get offers and discounts for the medication. This is a prescription only medication hence you need to have a prescription in your hand. You can get the medication from the doctor in person or after consulting with the healthcare professional online. You should know about the ill effects that you might experience while consuming Levitra medication.

The effectiveness that this drug offers to people is very much high and it is known to the people very well. This is the reason why Levitra is easily available in traditional drugstores as well as in online pharmacies. Due to this, the availability of the Levitra medication to individuals is high. If you choose online pharmacies you can get a lot of offers for Levitra.

If you are a first time user you would become confused after seeing the wide availability of internet drugstores.

You can choose an online doctor consultation facility so that you can consult with them and can get an online generated prescription for the medication.

Who are the Manufacturers of Levitra?

Bayer Corporation is the manufacturer of Levitra medication. It was introduced in the market after it got approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This is the brand drug manufacturer and has got the patent for the medication. Now, Bayer Corporation has tied up with Glaxo Smith Kline and is now distributing the medication to people.

No matter you choose the generic or Brand medication it is a must that you have to store the pills properly. Only when you do so it is possible for you to get great effects from the medication on your body.

Levitra research

There are many types of research been carried out on Levitra medication. Only when the trials are made on the drug it is possible for us to know about the complete effectiveness and the capabilities of the medication. There is a chance that this Levitra medication might also be taken to treat various conditions that are present in the body.

Levitra to treat impotency

No matter what is the severity of the condition that you are experiencing it is sure that you can consume Levitra medication. The appropriate drug dose for your ailment would be present and you can choose one.

It is a must to take the medication properly in order to get the maximum benefits on your body. You can consume the drug half an hour to one hour prior to engaging in the sexual activity. If you do so you are giving time for the pill to get dissolved and get absorbed by your body.

Treating erectile dysfunction with the help of Levitra is very much common these days. You can take the different forms of the medication and find on which is suitable for you. The success rate of the medication is very high and it is up to 75%.

Levitra for seizures

It is very fortunate that Levitra medication can be taken to treat seizures. In a research, it is found that out of 10 people 2 of them found the drug to be effective. A seizure is usually controlled and the occurrence of it is prevented when Levitra is taken.

However, the research is still going on so you are not supposed to take Levitra without consulting with a healthcare professional. There is a medication that is not approved and it is not the first line of the treatment.

Levitra dosages

The medication is available in two dosage strengths such as 5mg and 10mg. You can choose one based on the necessity. However, you are not supposed to do this and only your doctor is allowed to do so.

Based on the severity of the erectile dysfunction, age and the tolerance level in the body the medico would pick the drug dose for you. Levitra medication would contain the active ingredient named as Vardenafil.

This is the main ingredient that is responsible for the effectiveness that you receive from the drug. However, apart from the active ingredient, there will also be a presence of many inactive ingredients in the tablet.

These would vary between generic and brand drug. However, there is no need for you to be worried. These inactive ingredients are just the binding and color agents and it does not cause any effect to the person like the main ingredient.

Levitra Side Effects

There are several side effects caused by Levitra medication such as stomach upset, back pain, stuffy nose, sinus pain and flushing. These are the common ill effects and it might fade away within a few minutes of time.

There are severe side effects that are triggered while taking Levitra medication. Some of them are shortness of breath, swelling in the body, hearing loss, abnormal heart rate, seizures, painful erection and a light-headed feeling. These symptoms would worsen over a period of time if there is no medical intervention.

Levitra User Review

People who are undergoing impotency issue can take Levitra medication. Those who took the pills for it found great effectiveness on it. The effects were so satisfactory and this is the reason why there is the continuous purchase of the medication online. Here we have listed out few of the reviews that are from the customers and these are the genuine ones.

“I was suffering from impotency for two years. Only two months back I went and consulted with the healthcare professional. He suggested me to take Levitra medication. After consuming the pills I was able to get a firmer erection. The effectiveness that I received from the medication made me very happy and I am satisfied. I have taken so many ED drugs but only this drug is found to be beneficial to me”. – Cary.

“Levitra is a great medication to treat impotence in man. If you are able to be sexually stimulated then the drug would work for you. The drug helps you to come out of the situation very easily. Though Levitra is not a cure for impotency it can at least help me to get an erection. The side effects that I receive after taking the medication are also very minimal”. Jim

“My wife gave me Levitra medication and I took it before our intercourse. It is true that I had an issue called premature ejaculation. This is the state where my erection fades away even before I reach the climax. It was really very hard for me. But after taking Levitra I did not face this issue at all not even once. In fact, the erection sustained for a longer span than before. I am planning to continue consuming Levitra medication so that I can enjoy my sexual life without any issues”.- Mike.

“Impotency made my self-confidence to lower to a greater extent. I was hesitant to consult with the healthcare professional for this issue but I managed to go to the clinic. I was prescribed with Levitra medication with 10mg drug dose. The first time when I took the medication I did not receive any erection at all. But the second time when I consumed the drug it helped me to enjoy a great sexual activity. My confidence now is better than before and I am happy about it.”- Kim.

From this reviews, you can understand why Levitra is very much popular. You have a choice between the drug doses and you can choose one of your wishes. You can get help from your healthcare professional in this situation.

Where to buy Levitra?

It is easy for you to buy Levitra online from Yourlevitra.com yet, there are many online pharmacies hence you are offered with various options. You can choose Levitra tablets or capsules with the desired drug dosage strength. However, you are supposed to choose only the trusted Levitra online pharmacy. One of the options that are the best and trustworthy is opting for YourLevitra.com to purchase Levitra online.  It is sure that the experience you get from them is awesome.

You can choose them if you want to buy Levitra online. This helps you to get affordable Levitra medication which in turn saves huge medical cost. From this online drugstore, you can get Levitra 10mg and Levitra 20mg that too in different forms. The quality of the pills that you get from us would be world class. What are you waiting for? You can order Levitra now from this internet-based pharmacy.

Choosing the right place to get the Levitra medication is always important or else you would end up taking the low-quality pills. When this happens you not only spoil your health but you would also waste your body. However, this does not happen when you are choosing Yourlevitra.com to buy your Levitra medication for your treatment.

Our Commitment

At Yourlevitra.com, we aim to offer the customers with a drug that is rich in the quality, and it is safe to be consumed in order to treat erectile dysfunction in a person. We ensure that the drug that you get from us have crossed so many testing processes that are carried out by the authorities.  There will be no reduction in the quality of the drug that you are taking at any cost.

This Levitra online pharmacy is sure that the quality and the rate of the medication that we are offering to you would be satisfied and meet your expectation. You should not lose an opportunity to buy Levitra from Yourlevitra.com. If you are a loyal customer of the site then you would receive so many advantages. There is a chance that you would be getting free shipping for your package when you shop from us.


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