Privacy Policy

We Leading Levitra Online Pharmacy respects your privacy and we are committed to protecting all your details through compliance with our privacy policies. This Privacy Policy page will describe to you the types of information or data we collect from our customers when they use our websites or any other online services we provide. This page also describes our practices of collecting, maintaining and protecting the information you enter on our website.

This policy applies only to data which collected by through its services in email or by any other electronic communications. This policy will not apply for the information you provide or collected by any third-party agencies, websites or mobile applications. We always encourage our customers to contact us directly into our customer care service and we do not depend on any third party consultations or outsourcing services.

We request you to completely read our privacy policy page and also get to know about how we treat your personal information or data. By using or accessing our website, you agree to our privacy policy and you are giving permission to us to access your personal information to serve you better.  We are sorry to inform that we are unable to give complete services to you if you do not provide the required information to us.

Our data controller team will take care of all your information you provide on our website and we protect your personal information as we promised in our privacy policy as well as by applicable national laws. We are also like to inform that this policy may change from time to time, so we request you to check this page periodically for any updates.

Information we collect and how we make use of it?

We collects several types of information from our customers to provide complete services. We collect your personal information when you directly enter or provide into our website. This personal information will be associated with a specific desired person and it can be used to identify that specific person whether from data you provide or by we have.

We also collect information about your internet service providers, from which you access our website. As you proceed with our website we will collect your IP address, cookies, caches and other internet details which we need to serve you better.

Information you provide:

This is the place where we collect information directly from our users. We normally collect basic account information when you log in, which includes name, email id, password and some other data like age, gender, phone number to make your profile. We also get time zone and language from your side as your preference. We collect your search terms and what you have looked up. We also collect your browsing details such as how long you used our services and what product you purchased. We simply use this information you provide to enhance the facility and also to improve the quality of our products and services.

Information about your friends

We also have an option to request your friends to make the purchase from our online store by just providing their contact information. If you request your friend to join in our services, we will use your friend’s contact number to process your request.

Information about your messages

We have an option for our customers to exchange messages with other customers or users. So, we used to store them in order to process and deliver to others. We do not violate our terms and conditions, so we have all rights to check or delete your messages if it is needed.

Information we take from third parties

We provide an option for our customers to sign into our website through third party social media accounts such as Facebook and Google accounts. When you use this option, you are giving complete permission to us to access your social media accounts in accordance with the privacy policy. This could include any information you provide on your social media account publicly. We request you to completely read the privacy policy page in social media accounts and help center for more information about how they share information with other parties.

Your information will be used for:

We use all the collected information from you, for a variety of purposes like answering queries, to understand our customers need, enable us to show ads, provide you with customer support, notify you about changes that we made in our website. We simply use your information just to provide complete and safe services to the customers.