Shipping Option

Shipping is among the leaders when it comes to providing Levitra to its customers. Our motto is “deliver the order on time, all the time”. That is we assure you we will deliver 100 % and our shipping cost is much lower than many online pharmacies when it comes to shipping Levitra.

How do we ensure that the package reaches you?

Once we have processed your order and dispatched the package, we generate a unique tracking id. This tracking id is forwarded to both e-mail and phone number you registered. We will constantly update you about the progress of the package. Yes, even if it is not going as per plan. Of course, you can use the tracking id to know where your package is at that movement.

To help us ensure that the package reaches you on time, we kindly request to provide us with the correct address. Remember, if the address is wrong, then you will have to find a way to ship the package to your correct address as we will not do so.

Orders are shipped on weekdays except when the day is a holiday. In the United States, our delivery services are located in 34 states. To ship the package from the delivery service centers we use major shipping service providers including DHL and FedEx.

Even though we have customers in different countries, we do not have delivery units in many of them. In places where we do not have delivery units, we make the best shipping service providers available in that country to deliver the packages.

There are times when a single order contains many packages. In such cases, the price for shipping the first package will be considered as the shipping cost for the whole order.

The different shipping options available for customers

There are two options from which customers can choose one. Remember your parcel will be shipped the next day if it a business day. In case you order on a weekend or holiday, your parcel will be shipped on the business day. The same holds true if you order one day before a holiday.

Normal shipping

The number of business days taken for your Levitra package to reach you can be anywhere between 18 and 21. For this, we charge $20

Express shipping

The number of business days taken for your Levitra package to reach you can be anywhere between 10 and 14. For this, we charge $30

International customers must understand the time does not take into account the time needed for the package to clear the customs of your country.

Our shipping specialty

The specialty of shipping service is that package is discreet. That means we will pack it in such a manner that only you and we know what is in the package. Also, we guarantee that the package will not be damaged or tampered with till it reaches you.

In case you have received a damaged or tampered package, you can claim a refund. To know how you can get a refund check our refund policy.

Times when the package is delayed or lost

If the address is given to us is wrong. In such cases, we have already mentioned we do provide the option of reshipment.

There is a natural calamity that is stopping you package from traveling further. Your package can be lost if its present location is affected by the natural calamity.

There will be times when customs take longer time than expected to clear the package.

Remember, if your package is affected by the second or third reasons, you will be informed about it within 24 hours.