Terms and use

YourLevitra.com has provided as well as managing the content you find on the site. We strongly advise going through not only the terms and conditions found on this page but also the disclaimer and other policies found on this site. If any case you are choosing a product from our site, we will take it for granted that you have gone through all policies as well as terms and use. Remember that we do not have to give advance notice before we change the content of this page, as well as other pages, contain police on this site.

Ownership of the content

The content on this website belongs to YourLevitra.com and you cannot do anything with the content for non-personal reasons. Even if you want to do so for personal reasons, you should get permission from us in writing. This is because we have copyrighted the content and will prosecute you for any transgression relating to our content to the maximum extent possible.

Services provided by Yourlevitra.com

Our site shows products that were made by respective manufacturers. You can buy these products by going to https://www.yourlevitra.com/ (the address of our website). We do not manufacture any of these products. So, when you buy a product from us, you acknowledge that the product came from the manufacturer.

Services not provided by Yourlevitra.com

Our services are limited to selling products to you. We do not have online doctors to provide you with either medical consulting/counseling services. So, if you choose to buy a product from us, it is taken that you have agreed to the term and conditions of our site. It means that you are not counting on us to answer the medical queries you have.

The accuracy of our information

Yourlevitra.com has hired a highly skilled team to not only provide us with the best possible content but also to update them constantly. Information about the product is based on the manufacturers’ reference guide. We strive to give the latest information in our blogs.

Links and trademarks

The control over the links found on our site belongs to YourLevitra.com. This does not include advertisement banners and contents placed on our site by third-party websites. Even if we place external links on our site that lead to these third party websites.

Respecting our trademarks is important as it has taken us time and effort to win the trust of our customers. That means we will prosecute any who uses our trade name and/or logo to the fullest possible extent under the law.

Need for personal information

There are a few conditions under which we ask for your personal information. These include:

  • Ensuring your payment can be completed
  • Ensuring that your order has been processed and the package delivered to your doorstep
  • Ensuring that the prescription is a genuine one
  • Contacting you for either confirming your order or updating you about its status

Terms of use

For anyone to be able to use our website must first agree to the terms and conditions given this page. Those who have been granted access to the content must not use it for illegal reasons. Those who do so will be dealt with legally to the fullest extent possible.

General terms

If you tick the checkbox found against “I Agree”, you are agreeing that you are over 18 years of age. You also accept that you need to follow the terms and conditions only after you stopped using the website.

The extent of things covered under the agreement

The agreement is a contract that says the term and conditions found in this site have been accepted by both us and the user. True some conditions may be made invalid by new laws over time and thus cannot be enforced.