Payment Options and Policies, the leading Levitra Online Pharmacy has customers in many parts of the world and thus, it only natural that we offer our customers different payment methods. We feel it would be easier to increase our customer base if we provide them with easy access to payment methods.

Options that are available

At the moment we are accepting payments made through e-checks, Master Credit cards, and Debit cards. To make payment ug of these options requires our customers to use their true transaction credentials. These customers need not worry about anyone stealing their credentials as the payment gateway we use is secure.

Non-availability of Visa

The reason why we are not able to accept payments through Visa Credit cards is that at the moment we are finding it difficult to run Visa Credit cards.

Cash on Delivery option

We do offer cash on delivery option to our customers, but it is available for customers whose shipping address is near our delivery stations. Only if the distance is small will the option be available. Also, you must remember that when the delivery executive comes, make the payment using cash. It is not possible to use cards or checks at that point and it is not encouraged.

Security of transaction

To ensure that the transactions of our customers are safe we are using 128-bit encryption of codes to protect them. All the online services offered by us are protected by the SSL system. This is clear by our https URL.

The process of making payment

The process of making payment depends on the method you have chosen. Let us take credit cards. When you choose this option, you will automatically go the credit card payment page. Here you will be asked to enter your credentials. As mentioned earlier, our payment gateways are secure. That means there is every chance that any security breach will happen at

It goes without saying that if you want the transaction to complete, you need to give the correct credentials. If you have failed to do so will result in the transactions failing.

Remember that providing the correct transaction credentials is important even if you choose another payment method.

Have problems making payment

By some bad chance, you are not able to make payment, you can contact our customer support team. Our representatives are highly trained and very polite.

Payments that can be available in the future

We are planning to introduce Bitcoin, American Express, and PayPal in the future. Our technical team is working overtime to ensure that these payment methods are available very soon.

Payment policies can change

We reserve the right to change the payment policies without prior notice. This means that the price products can change during the payment stage. The reasons for this can be any of the following:

  • Technical printing error
  • Production cost changed
  • Error in digital image
  • Service update
  • Cost of import increases

If you have placed the order during the changes, you will be charged the previous amount. The new charges will apply to you only from your next order.

I am an international customer, should I give my bank name

Yes, you must give the name of your bank. This is a must for all international transactions.

Need to sing out of your account

The common mistake many people make is that they close their browser before signing out. This practice can allow other people to misuse their accounts. In case you are not sure how to secure your account, contact our customer support team. They would help you in making your account secure.

Why online payment

The reason many people prefer online payment is that it is easy and hassle-free.